Academic programme

The first semester fundamental courses deal with the historical, philosophical, legal and geopolitical dimensions of Europe. Students can thus become more familiar with the foundations of European history, the history of European integration, the concept of European values, the pan-European system set up to protect human rights and minorities, or with geo-political challenges deriving from the emergence of ‘wider Europe’.

The second semester courses address specific topics not covered by each of the specialised Master’s programmes such as economic governance and the social dimension of the EU, the political sociology of European politics, migration issues, the external dimension of the EU and comparative economic regional integration. EG contributes to the organisation of the European Law Moot Court and the Concours européen des Droits de l'Homme René Cassin. 

Courses of the European General Studies Programme account for 25 contact hours each.
The workload in all the courses is equivalent in the entire study programme.

The programme also seeks to develop students' leadership skills via compact seminars (non assessed optional courses), as well as regular guest lectures.

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