First Semester: Fundamentals

During the first semester, students familiarise themselves with the legal, economic, geopolitical and historical foundations of European integration by way of an intensive curriculum. They also study EU external relations as well as the specificities of Central and Eastern Europe. 

The first semester study trip offers a deeper understanding of European identities and a first-hand experience of policies in practice at the EU’s borders. The study trip is an integral part of the academic programme, participation is obligatory and students are expected to attend all related conferences and activities. It counts for 2 ECTS.

Prof. Lieven TACK (BE)

Introductory courses

Introductory courses can be attended by all students. They are assessed via mock exams.


Compulsory contextual courses

These contextual courses are compulsory for all students. They are non-assessed.

Prof. Timothy SNYDER (US)

Compulsory fundamental courses

Fundamental courses are compulsory for all students.

Prof. Georges MINK (FR)

Optional contextual courses

All students must select one optional contextual course.

Workshop and Simulation game

Master’s thesis and Research methodology

In addition to the courses they take during the first and second semesters, students must write a Master’s thesis in English or French, counting for 16 ECTS. The Research methodology seminar (4 ECTS) is an integral part of the preparation of the Master’s thesis and is compulsory for all students.

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