Model United Nations - New York

The NMUN-NY competition has been organized since 1974 by the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA). It is a simulation game which involves more than 6 000 students from more than one hundred universities, schools and other academic institutions from all over the world. The institutions participating in this event send students (here called "delegates") to several "Committees", which are organized on the basis of the institutional structure of the United Nations. Each university or school represents a country or an NGO. The students act like true diplomats and work hard, mostly engaged in caucusing, preparing and delivering speeches, drafting working papers, negotiating common positions with other countries, and voting on draft resolutions.

In the past, the Natolin campus has represented countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Syria. In 2017, in the context of its eighth consecutive participation, the Natolin campus represented Tunisia, an important case study in the framework of the research activities of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair.

This year at the NY-NMUN 2017, the Natolin Team kept up with the outstanding trend of its previous performances by winning 6 "NMUN Awards" including the "Honorable Delegation Award". Here the full list of awards given to the Delegation:

  • 1 "Honorable Delegation Award" - awarded to entire Delegation recognizing the excellent performance of all 14 students;
  • 5 "Outstanding Position Paper Award" - out of 7 Position Papers submitted.             

This is the fifth consecutive success of the Natolin campus at the NMUN in New York City. Including this year's edition, the Natolin campus managed to bring home the impressive amount of 35 "NMUN Awards" in five consecutive years.

Discover our performances at the previous four editions: NMUN 2013, NMUN 2014NMUN 2015 and NMUN 2016.

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