Introductory Course

The department offers a two-week introductory course for students who do not have a background in politics and EU studies. Courses offered include:

  • Introduction to political science
  • EU decision-making
  • Droit institutionnel communautaire [Institutional Community Law]
  • Histoire de l’Union européenne [History of European Integration]
  • Introduction to political economy
  • Research methodology
  • Language courses (academic French and English)

In addition, numerous workshops are offered on essay writing and oral presentations.

Students are housed in the residences, and extra fees apply. Contact Mrs Rina BALBAERT for further information.

In addition, the department organises an introductory course on the European Neighbourhood Policy during this same period. The courses offered include: 

  • Introduction to the European Neighbourhood Policy
  • North Africa and the Middle East: Internal Transformations
  • Géopolitique de l'ex-Union Soviétique: Russie, Caucase, Asie centrale
  • Legal framework of ENP relations with the east
  • Security and Migration in the South