Master's Thesis

Each student is required to write a Master’s Thesis in French or English. The thesis is an original piece of work between 16,000 and 24,000 words.

The following were selected as the best master's theses by promotion:

Aleksandar LATINOV (BG ) — Prof. Westlake
The European Public Prosecutor’s Office at a Crossroads: Cutting the Gordian Knot
» download abstract (25.25 KB PDF)
Althea CENCIARELLI (IT ) — Prof. Wessels
Norms and Interests in the Caspian Region: Bridging the Division between ENP and EUCAS
» download abstract (23.24 KB PDF)
Benjamin THOM (GB ) — Prof. Nilsson
All at Sea: Search and Rescue Policy in the Central Mediterranean
» download abstract (21.48 KB PDF)
Nick LIGTHART (NL ) — Prof. Chang
The Euro Effect on FDI: A New Estimation and Interpretation
» download abstract (22.53 KB PDF)
Thijs VANDENBUSSCHE (BE ) — Prof. Costa
For my next trick I’ll need a volunteer: The role of ENGOs in integrating environmental concerns in the European biofuel policy through the European Parliament
» download abstract (24.76 KB PDF)
Crispin MÄENPÄÄ (IE /FI ) — Prof. HRBEK
The Evolution of Lobbying Coalitions in the Emissions Trading System: Recognising and Understanding their Development through the Advocacy Coalition Framework
» download abstract (24.43 KB PDF)
EU Democratization Policies in the Neighborhood Countries and Russia’s Reaction as a Destabilizing Factor: A Comparative Case Study of Georgia and Moldova
» download abstract (22.03 KB PDF)
Etienne OLSINA (FR ) — Prof. CHANG
An Interstate Bargain? The European Commission’s Influence on Banking Union: Evidence from the Single Resolution Mechanism
» download abstract (22.17 KB PDF)
Frederik MESDAG (BE ) — Prof. DEHOUSSE
ACTA…est fabula : Analyse du renversement de majorité au sein du Parlement européen à l’aune de la théorie du cadrage
» download abstract (24.56 KB PDF)
Tiphaine MILLIEZ (FR ) — Prof. COSTA
Codenamed “70-70a”: Explaining Institutional Change in the European Parliament: The 2012 Reform on Trilogue Negotiations
» download abstract (23.27 KB PDF)
Tobias KELLNER (DE ) — Prof. WESSELS
Going beyond pure Economics: The EU’s Strategic Motivation to Negotiate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
» download abstract (23.63 KB PDF)
Aileen KÖRFER (DE ) — Prof. HRBEK
Politicising the Union? - The Influence of ‘Leading Candidates’ for the Commission Presidency on the Role of Party Groups in the European Parliament
» download abstract (26.09 KB PDF)
To Rome and back: A peculiar case of institutional Europeanization in Italian Regional Policy
» download abstract (24.41 KB PDF)
Guido FARA (IT ) — Prof. WESTLAKE
Who is saving the European Union? Old and new players in the Banking Union project
» download abstract (23.71 KB PDF)
Hélène SIBILEAU (FR ) — Prof. COSTA
Le rôle de la Commission dans la politique européenne d’efficacité énergétique : Force motrice ou simple agent des Etats membres?
» download abstract (25.04 KB PDF)
Promoting the agenda for a social economic and monetary Union: attention, credibility and coalition-building
» download abstract (24.5 KB PDF)
Sandra ANDERSSON (SE ) — Prof. CHANG
The Influence of Euro outsiders in the European Union After the Crisis: The case of Sweden and Banking Union
» download abstract (21.3 KB PDF)
Alexis Perier (FR /CH ) — Prof. Berrod
Le quatrième paquet ferroviaire : l’impossible libéralisation ?
» download abstract (20.98 KB PDF)
Camille Dehestru (BE /FR ) — Prof. Hrbek
Industries and citizens’ groups networks in EU food policy. The emergence of ‘unholy alliances’ in multi-level governance?
» download abstract (23.52 KB PDF)
Eguzki Osteikoetxea Vélez (ES /MX ) — Prof. Chang
Trade Negotiations in a post-Lisbon era: New Actors, New Challenges
» download abstract (21.23 KB PDF)
Franziska Schwelm (DE ) — Prof. Monar
Towards a European multi-level parliamentarism? The cooperation between the European Parliament and national parliaments in budgetary affairs
» download abstract (21.75 KB PDF)
Mélanie Feuerbach (FR ) — Prof. Dr. Mahncke
Les Européens et la crise Libyenne : Etre, ou ne pas être leader, telle est la question
» download abstract (25.34 KB PDF)
Stéphanie Brochard (FR ) — Prof. Dehousse
Les parlementaires européens et le budget de l’Union. Un vote national, partisan ou institutionnel ?
» download abstract (23.89 KB PDF)
Thomas Pellerin-Carlin (FR ) — Prof. Costa
Please, use me! The European Defence Agency: convincing Member States to reinforce its role
» download abstract (21.42 KB PDF)
Bernard D'heygere (BE ) — Prof. Wessels
The EU’s Approach Towards Ukraine - Normative or Market Power?
» download abstract (23.13 KB PDF)
Carole Pouliquen (FR ) — Prof. Monar
Le cadre européen de protection des données personnelles en matière pénale - Dimensions interne et externe
» download abstract (24.42 KB PDF)
Christopher Robert König (DE ) — Prof. Mahncke
Exporting European Preferences to the Neighbourhood - Patterns of Progress in the Environmental Field of the European Neighbourhood Policy
» download abstract (23.99 KB PDF)
David Freed (GB ) — Prof. Dehousse
Do Institutional Changes Make a Difference? A veto player analysis of how institutional changes in the Council of the EU influence legislative efficiency and outputs.
» download abstract (18.85 KB PDF)
Maria Schäfer (DE ) — Prof. Hrbek
The framing of violence among family members or (former) intimate partners between ‘gender-based universality’ and ‘culture-based peculiarity’ - A struggle between advocacy coalitions?
» download abstract (25 KB PDF)
Marie Darlet (FR ) — Prof. Costa
Vers un verdissement du COPA-COGECA? De l’adaptation de la principale organisation agricole européenne au contexte institutionnel et politique
» download abstract (24.38 KB PDF)
2010 - 2011
Biancastella de Angelis (IT ) — Prof. Hrbek
Food Labelling & Stakeholder Network(s): A David vs. Goliath Fight Between NGO and Business Interests?
» download abstract (25.13 KB PDF)
Marie Kruse (DK ) — Prof. Wessels
Euro-Mediterranean Relations at a Crossroads: What can we learn from the past and from Structural Foreign Policy?
» download abstract (21.75 KB PDF)

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