Workshops on professional development (second semester)

The workshops on professional development are intensive 8-hour seminars on highly topical subject matters. Academics and practitioners offer these popular supplements to the regular academic programme.

  • DECOSTER F. & VERSINI F. - Politique des transports et politique spatiale (8h)
  • DEFRANCQ B. - Terminologie institutionnelle de l’Union européenne (8h)
  • DEMBLANS A. - Preparation for the EU Competitions : The Preselection Tests (8h)
  • GOZI S. - Procédures et négociations au sein de la Commission (8h)
  • KASSIM H. - Administering Europe : Actors’ Interactions within the European Administrative Space (8h)
  • LEGRIS G. - Les relations interinstitutionnelles (8h)
  • MAZZIOTTI G. - The Digital Single Market (8h)
  • MORGANTI L. - EU Fact-Finding (8h)
  • PATTEN McCLEAVE R. - EU Lobbying : Demystifying the Reality – Demonstrating the Democratic Necessity (8h)
  • RADAELLI C. - Regulatory Reform in the EU : Analysis and Practice (8h)
  • RISSELIN M. - Les usages du protocole diplomatique (8h)
  • SAINT MARTIN F. - Assistants parlementaires et collaborateurs d’élus (8h)
  • SHEA J. - NATO’s Future and NATO-EU Relations : Are we Condemned to Be Eternal Rivals ?(8h)
  • WASSENBERG B. - La coopération transfrontalière en Europe : participer au système de gouvernance multi-niveau de l'Union européenne (8h)
  • WORTH J. - Online Communications in EU Policy-Making (8h)

 My experience in the department not only deepened my knowledge of EU policies but through professionalising courses, workshops and the simulation game, it also prepared me for working in EU institutions, public affairs consultancies, or other fields. - Veronika Vargová (Chopin promotion)


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