European Health Parliament

The European Health Parliament (EHP) is about connecting students from the College with young health professionals working in Brussels, in order to reshape the European health system. It is a partnership between an academic body, the College, and professional partners: EU 40, a network of young MEPs; Johnson & Johnson, a medical devices and pharmaceutical company; Google; and Politico, the news agency.

These 5 initiating partners aspire to create and facilitate an idea-generating platform with 55 young professionals and students who want to help shape the outlook of future European healthcare. The 55 participants form a European Health Parliament (EHP) and formulate innovative ideas for making Europe a healthier place and reshaping the European healthcare system. The ideas are then shared with policy makers and the healthcare community across the EU Member States.

Participants -and therefore applicants- are enthusiastic young thinkers with an ambition to co-shape future Europe and to co-author policy recommendations. Participants need to be below 35 years old, hold at least a Bachelor degree and be based in the Brussels area (or in Bruges for the College’ students. Prior experience or background in healthcare is not required.

Last year, the members of the EHP have split into 5 parliamentary commissions in order to work on their recommendations:

  • digital skills for the medical profession 
  • prevention and self-care 
  • anti-microbial resistance 
  • climate change and healthcare
  • migration and health challenges

Participants are required to be available and engage actively in the four plenary sessions. In between sessions, it is up to each Committee to identify the most suitable working method. Committee participants can meet face-to-face and/or communicate via a wide range of social media and platforms that will be at their disposal.

The Launch of the 2016 edition

The closing ceremony of the 2016 edition


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