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Over the year 2015/2016, the College of Europe developed the project of a ‘Transparency Group’ with students of the Chopin promotion. The creation of this group was emanated from the recent partnership between Transparency International EU and the College of Europe, which aim was to raise awareness among the students and interested participants about the challenges of transparency and corruption in the EU’s political life and abroad. 

After a selective recruitment procedure, twenty students from all departments of the College of Europe were involved and divided into six working groups, each one dealing with a specific topic on which a written output was produced. After the creation of interactive workshops in January 2016, where eminent EU stakeholders (MEPs, member of the cabinet of the European Ombudsman, staff of Transparency International EU) were invited to present their work and reflect with students on issues such as accountability, transparency and corruption in EU institutions, members of the Transparency Group drafted policy briefs on key issues discussed during the conference.

The result of students personal research were presented in June 2016 during a high-level conference where the head of cabinet of the European Ombudsman was the keynote speaker. Topics addressed by students were:

  1. Code of conducts and ethics in the European Parliament
  2. Whistleblowers protection in the European Parliament and EU Member States
  3. Accountability, transparency and integrity of the European Central Bank
  4. Transparency and independency at the European Investment Bank
  5. TTIP: legality, legitimacy and the Media
  6. Transparency and lobbying in Gazprom

At the end of the year, a transparency thesis award was given by TI EU to a student who had the chance to obtain a scholarship for the annual Transparency Summer School in Vilnius, Lithuania, bringing together anti-corruption professionals from across the world.

For more information on last year’s event, please consult this link:

We are happy to announce that the Transparency Group will be launched again this year! If you are interested by lobbying and transparency issues, then this group is for you!

Do not hesitate to send an email to Frederik MESDAG if you have any enquiries concerning the Transparency Group and its activities. More information on this year’s activities will be updated shortly!

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