College of Europe Energy Group

In a nutshell

The College of Europe (CoE) Energy Group is a network created by students of the Václav Havel Promotion in 2012. Acting under the umbrella of the European Energy Policy Chair, it aims to foster knowledge on energy related issues and to explore current and future challenges. Its membership is open to both current students and alumni.

The CoE Energy Group is composed by members of different origins, both in terms of nationalities as well as academic backgrounds. In their diversity, they share a common interest in European and global energy issues. The students of the CoE Energy Group have academic or professional experience related to the energy sector, and are keen on deepening their knowledge and enhancing their networks in this field.

The CoE Energy Group is composed by two branches situated on the two campuses of the College of Europe: in Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Poland), with the latter paying a specific attention to the energy issues in Central and Eastern Europe, and EU’s Neighborhood.


The CoE Energy Group aims to increase students' knowledge on energy-related issues. To do so, the Energy Group organizes debates, conferences and site-visits. In addition, the Energy Group seeks to build an ‘CoE Energy Community’, which includes students and alumni in order to exchange information. This enables students to get into contact with professionals.


The CoE Energy Group organizes a wide variety of activities, focusing both on encouraging debate amongst students and interacting with practitioners. The main activities developed so far include:

  • Internal discussions and presentations
  • Site-visits to meet energy professionals and attend conferences, in Belgium, France, Germany and Poland
  • Events in partnership with other student groups from the College, on both Natolin and Bruges campuses
  • Roundtables and networking events with Alumni
  • Involvement and participation in the activities of the CoE European Energy Policy Chair managed by Prof. Dirk BUSCHLE
  • Publish articles on energy topics


General News


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