Research Seminars (second semester) (16 ECTS)

In the framework of the research seminars, professors supervise students for their Master’s thesis. In October, professors of the research seminars give a presentation of their respective seminars, and in mid-November students make their selection. In late December or early January, a plenary session is held on methodology and research techniques. Students then have a series of individual interviews with the professor as the semester progresses. After the completion of the thesis, a feedback session is held.

The research seminars offered are:


Each student is required to write a Master’s thesis in French or English. The thesis is an original piece of work between 16,000 and 24,000 words.

Le caractère pluridisciplinaire de ce Master, et surtout la rédaction du mémoire m'ont aidé à m'orienter dans mon choix professionnel. - Valeriia Proskuriakova (Chopin promotion)