Europe Outside the Box (EoB)

Europe outside the Box (EoB) is an extra-curricular debate club. Originally launched by the Department of European Political and Governance Studies in 2012, this project has been extended to the whole Bruges campus of the College of Europe in 2013. Run by and for students, this club organises regular debates to allow students to exchange points of views on hot issues: gender equality, secularism, austerity measures…

The activities take different forms : informal debates, formal debate and trainings, national week thematic debates, partnership with other students groups.


Some of the topics recently debated: 

  • "Does Europe have a problem with extremism?"

  • "Should we legislate to achieve gender equality?"

  • "The EU: Foreign Policy, the Middle East and the Occupation of Palestine" event following the visit of Dr. Dan SCHUEFTAN, with David CRONIN

  • "Liberté d’expression et liberté religieuse en Europe: existe-t-il des limites acceptables?", debate with Profs. HAARSCHER and KOHLER in collaboration with the EG department 

  • "Should we continue to pursue enlargement?", Western Balkans National week

  • "Is there an alternative to austerity?", Iberian National Week (with Spanish and Portuguese MEPs, Podemos)
  • and many more...

For any questions concerning Europe Outside the Box, please contact andrea.sabatini [at] (Andrea SABATINI).