European Centre for Government Transformation - Suspended

The European Centre for Government Transformation (ECGT) is an initiative in public sector reform established by Accenture, the Lisbon Council and the College of Europe. In the face of pressure on public finances and increased demand for public services, the European Centre for Government Transformation provides innovative ideas, best practices and actionable solutions to EU institutions as well as national, regional and local governments on key areas of public sector reform. It comprises a powerful community (including a network of senior-level public service officials), pioneering events, ground-breaking research and strong leadership aimed at facilitating the sharing of leading practices.
Students of 2017-2018 teams at the 2018 ECGT Closing Ceremony in April 2018

Tomorrow’s leaders examine today’s challenges
Students of the Department of European Political and Governance Studies of the College of Europe are selected to take part in state transformation case studies. In small multinational teams, they assess the performance of selected public service agencies in Europe, evaluate their challenges, and formulate recommendations on the basis of best practices. After 6 months of work, including a 2-3 day site visit in the public agency, the students produce the final deliverables, an oral presentation  and a written report that are evaluated by a high-level jury. Last year’s report is available at

In 2017-2018, the case study topics and clients included:

  • Users’ engagement stragegy: Eindhoven City Council
  • Government as a platform in local public services: Stavanger City Council
  • Blockchain in local public services: Torino City Council 


Students of 2016-2017 teams at the Embassy of the Republic of France for the European Centre for Government Transformation final award ceremony in April 2017.

In 2016-2017, the case study topics and clients included

  • Bridging the city poverty gap: Amsterdam City Government
  • Manufacturing 4.0- learning from the shared knowledge: Milano City Council
  • Open innovation – A maker strategy: Paris City Council

In 2015-2016, the case study topics and clients included:

  • Open Data Strategy: Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy & Tourism and Ministry of Finances& Public Administration
  • Grant Management Initiative: The Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance
  • Business Service Portal Initiative: Austrian Ministry of Finance

In 2014-2015, the case study topics and clients included:

  • Micro-Distribution within Macro Blocks: City Council of Barcelona
  • Public AppLab: City of Espoo
  • Smart Users’ City: City of Groningen
  • Circular Economy: City of Paris

In 2013-2014, the case study topics and clients included:

  • Open Data: Helsinki Region Infoshare
  • Solar Energy: Regional Ministry for Enterprises, Industry and Innovation of the Spanish region of Murcia (Spain)
  • E-Health: Stockholm County Council
  • Zero-licensing: Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA), Lisbon, Portugal

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The ECGT project was one of the most memorable experiences during my year at the College of Europe. The project was challenging, intense and brought a high workload but had equally a tremendous impact on my personal development. I did not only gain a unique insight into the Public sector consultancy but also obtained important practical skills that will be of great value when starting my professional career. Delphine JOOS, Eindhoven team 2017-2018

The Accenture project has most probably been the most intense extracurricular activity of my – however full – academic live.  It is a rare opportunity to experience what draws as close as possible to the reality of the – promising – job of a consultant.  It is therefore as much of a trump of the best quality for your curriculum vitae as an opportunity to travel and develop strong bonds with your comrades-in-arms. Valentin COUTOULY, Eindhoven team 2017-2018

The ECGT project helped me gain incredibly useful skills for the labour market, and it also provided me with valuable insights on consultancy work in Brussels. Furthermore, it was an amazing team experience, allowing me to work side-by-side with enthusiastic and skilled people from the College of Europe, the European Commission and  Accenture. Overall, it was one of the most enriching elements of my year at the College, both from the professional point of view and the human one.  I strongly recommend the students to take part in it. - Martina BARBERO from Italy, Open Data Team, Finland, 2013-2014