Lunch talks: past events

Sixty-first Lunch Talk

When: 26 September 2012
Subject: The general court's judgment in the microsoft compliance case T-167/08

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Sixtieth Lunch Talk

When: 18 July 2012
Subject: Pricing Abuses after the Tomra, Telefonica and Post Danmark Judgments

Fifty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 22 June 2012
Subject: The Commission's Review of the Rules for the Assessment of Licensing Agreements for the Transfer of Technology

Fifty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 27 April 2012
Subject: The Complex Interplay between Leniency Applications and Follow-on Litigation: A Closer Look at Pfleiderer and National Grid

Fifty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 16 March 2012
Subject: Minority shareholdings and the EU Merger Regulation – Bridging the Gap?

Fifty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 15 February 2012
Subject: The Commission Notice on Market Definition - In Need of Update ?

Fifty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 8 December 2011
Subject: The Judgment of the ECHR in Menarini Diagnostics S.R.L. V. Italy: Impact Assessment On The Eu Competition System

Fifty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 24 October 2011
Subject: The Rights, Powers And Duties Of Ncas: A Review Of The Ecj Rulings In Vebic And Tele2 Polska

Fifty-third Lunch Talk

When: 27 June 2011
Subject: Restructuring Aid in the Financial Sector: An Overview of Compensatory Measures and Other Innovative Remedies

Fifty-second Lunch Talk

When: 27 May 2011
Subject: Leniency Applications and the European Competition Network: Roundtable discussion on the Interplay between National and EU Procedures

Fifty-first Lunch Talk

When: 18 March 2011
Subject: EU Competition Law and Energy – Recent Cases and Issues

Fiftieth Lunch Talk

When: 21 January 2011
Subject: Rebates law revisited? – The General Court's ruling in Tomra v. Commission

Forty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 10 December 2010
Subject: Competition Law and International Agreements – Anything New? The Example of the EU-South Korea FTA

Forty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 23 September 2010
Subject: The Quantification Of Damages For Competition Law Infringements

Forty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 7 July 2010
Subject: Putting The Settlement Procedure Into Practice: The Commission’s Drams Decision

Forty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 7 June 2010
Subject: The Review of the Current Regime for the Assessment of Horizontal Cooperation Agreements under EU Competition Rules

Forty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 20 May 2010
Subject: The Commission's Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry - What's Next?

Forty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 28 April 2010
Subject: The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of EU Competition Policy

Forty-third Lunch Talk

When: 18 March 2010
Subject: The Commission’s Proposed Best Practices in Antitrust Proceedings

Forty-second Lunch Talk

When: 26 November 2009
Subject: Recent trends in the Commission’s Review of Airline Mergers

Forty-first Lunch Talk

When: 5 November 2009
Subject: State Aid and Financial Crisis – The Application of the Principles of Restructuring Aid in Systemic Crisis Situations

Fortieth Lunch Talk

When: 18 September 2009
Subject: The Commission’s Review of the Rules applicable to Vertical Agreements

Thirty-ninth Lunch Talk

When: 20 February 2009
Subject: The Commission’s State Aid Policy and the Current Financial Crisis

Thirty-eighth Lunch Talk

When: 29 January 2009
Subject: Pricing abuses following the Commission’s Guidance on Article 82 EC

Thirty-seventh Lunch Talk

When: 18 December 2008
Subject: The ECJ Judgment in the GSK case

Thirty-sixth Lunch Talk

When: 24 October 2008
Subject: State aid and Airports – Recent Developments in EC Competition Law

Thirty-fifth Lunch Talk

When: 6 October 2008
Subject: Information Exchange Agreements under EC Competition Law

Thirty-fourth Lunch Talk

When: 1 July 2008
Subject: The CFI Judgment in Deutsche Telekom AG v. Commission

Thirty-third Lunch Talk

When: 17 April 2008
Subject: Competition law claims in arbitration proceedings

Thirty-second Lunch Talk

When: 19 March 2008
Subject: The Decision of the Commission to Fine Microsoft €899 millions for Non-Compliance With Its 2004 Decision: A Discussion on Procedure and Substance

Thirty-first Lunch Talk

When: 26 February 2008
Subject: The Investigative Powers of the Commission in Cartel Cases

Nineteenth Lunch Talk

When: 21 April 2006
Subject: The Commission’s recent sectoral enquiries with a specific focus on the energy sector

Eighteenth Lunch Talk

When: 6 March 2006
Subject: The GE/Honeywell Judgment of the CFI: Impact on the Assessment of Conglomerate Mergers

Seventeenth Lunch Talk

When: 30 January 2006
Subject: What is the role of lobbyists in competition law proceedings?

Sixteenth Lunch Talk

When: 6 December 2005
Subject: The Future Role and Organisation of the Court in the Competition Field

Fifteenth Lunch Talk

When: 21 October 2005
Subject: The Potential for Significant Inaccuracies in Merger Simulation Models

Fourteenth Lunch Talk

When: 19 September 2005
Subject: State Aid Action Plan: a Practitioner’s View

Thirteenth Lunch Talk

When: 27 June 2005
Subject: Access to File: An Effective Right of Defence?

Twelfth Lunch Talk

When: 31 May 2005
Subject: The Role of Trustees in EC Competition Law

Eleventh Lunch Talk

When: 29 April 2005
Subject: Conglomerate Merger Control after Tetra Laval

Tenth Lunch Talk

When: 15 March 2005
Subject: Navigating the Roadblocks on the Leniency Highway

Ninth Lunch Talk

When: 18 February 2005
Subject: Legal Professional Privilege in Competition Proceedings before the European Commission

Eighth Lunch Talk

When: 4 February 2005
Subject: The Oracle/PeopleSoft merger from two contrasting vantage points

Seventh Lunch Talk

When: 16 December 2004
Subject: Private Actions for Damages in Case of Breach of EC Competition Rules

Sixth Lunch Talk

When: 2 November 2004
Subject: Pricing Abuses under Article 82

Fifth Lunch Talk

When: 29 September 2004
Subject: International Cartel Enforcement

Fourth Lunch Talk

When: 12 July 2004
Subject: Some critical thoughts on Trinko, Microsoft and IMS

Third Lunch Talk

When: 24 June 2004
Subject: State Measures Restricting Competition

Second Lunch Talk

When: 27 April 2004
Subject: Should Private Antitrust Enforcement be encouraged in Europe?

First Lunch talk

When: 30 March 2004
Subject: The Commission's Guidelines on the Assessment of Horizontal Mergers

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