About us

The Development Office

Working with Europe


We develop and manage the College of Europe’s professional services, projects and  partnerships. In working with Europe, we rely on and complement the College of Europe’s expertise and worldwide network.

Our goal

We aim to be among the leading providers of EU-related services, projects and  partnerships.

Who we are

The Development Office was established in Bruges in 1996 as a service of the College of Europe – one of the longest  established and most renowned institutes of postgraduate European studies. Its Bruges office consists of  a multinational team with solid  experience in managing European and worldwide projects.

What we do

We provide professional services for and in cooperation with individuals, universities, public bodies, private companies and non-governmental organisations all over the world. Our portfolio includes:

  • professional training in EU affairs;
  • academic cooperation projects;
  • services for the EU institutions;
  • project partnerships.

What we can offer

  • tailor-made services from a competent team that is capable of responding to your needs;
  • high-quality results drawing on the expertise of one of the most genuinely European university institutes, which was founded in 1949;
  • exclusive networking possibilities with EU professionals, professors, alumni and partners.

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