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Bart Defrancq (BE) is an Associate Professor at Ghent University, where he was granted his Ph.D. in linguistics and a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe. He teaches legal translation, interpreting and EU legal language. He has lectured on European terminology at the College of Europe (since 1993), at various ministries, universities and organisations in Sofia (1996-1998), Warsaw (1998), Ljubljana (1998 & 2014), Sevilla (2008), Riga (2008), Ankara (2009-2010), Bologna (2010), Moscow (2008, 2010 & 2013). He also trains translators at various EU institutions in using IATE, the EU’s multilingual termbank, since 2004. Bart Defrancq is the author and editors of several books and articles on linguistics, translation and interpreting. He is a Board Member of CIUTI.