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Bram De Botselier (BE) was Academic Assistant at the College of Europe in Bruges, Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, between August 2017 and July 2020, and coordinator of the Academic Assistants in that department. 

Bram holds an MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe (2016-17, Keynes promotion), as well as an MA in European Studies (2015-2016) and a BSc in Political Science (2012-2015) from the University of Leuven. He participated in an exchange at The Washington Center (2014) in the United States and in a summer programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2015).  He is currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Sciences at the Open University Netherlands.

His previous work experience includes internships at the Belgian Chamber of Representatives and at a Washington DC-based government relations firm.

Fields of interest: environment and energy policy, EU and US politics, transatlantic relations, East Asia and Latin America.

Recent publications