Professor of Public Policy Analysis, University College London.

Course offered: RADAELLI C. - Regulatory Reform in the EU : Analysis and Practice (8h)

Previous professional affiliation: University of Bradford, Department of European Studies. European University Institute, RSC. University of Exeter, Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy, Director, Centre for European Governance.

Education: BA in Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. PhD in political science, Florence, Italy.

Other professional activities: Co-editor of the European Journal of Political Research 2009-2015. Honorary Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Research interests: Regulation, Knowledge Utilization, Europeanization, Research Design

Recent publications

  • Dunlop. C.A. and C.M. Radaelli (2016) (Eds) Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment, Edward Elgar
  • Dunlop, C.A. and Radaelli, C.M. (2016) ‘Policy Learning in the Eurozone Crisis: Modes, Power and Functionality’, Policy Sciences, 49(2):107-124
  • Dunlop, C.A., Kamkhaji, J. and Radaelli, C.M. (2015) 'Regulators and Reform: A Quasi-Experimental Assessment of the Effects of Training Inspectors', International Public Management Journal, 18, 2: 304-322.
  • Kamkhaji, J.C. and C.M. Radaelli (2016) ‘Crisis, Learning and Policy Change’, Journal of European Public Policy, early view.
  • Maggetti, M, Gilardi, F. and C.M. Radaelli (2013) Designing Research in the Social Sciences, London, Sage.