Damien HELLY

Damien Helly (FR) is an international cultural advisor specialised in EU external cultural action (interculturality in Europe and cultural identities, cultural and public diplomacy, cultural cooperation, digital diplomacy). He is currently leading Tfanen-Tunisie creative, one of the largest bilateral European cultural programme in a partner country.

After launching the European Creative Hubs Network in 2017 at the British Council in Brussels, he founded dh creative partnerships, a consultancy advising governments and cultural professionals on their development strategy.

Damien Helly managed policy research teams in various think tanks for over 20 years: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), Observatoire de l’Afrique, International Crisis Group, and Saferworld. His research and advisory projects on EU external action have evolved from foreign and security policy strategies, conflict prevention and crisis management practices (CSDP) to linkages between security, development and governance.

He was one of the four independent experts involved in the EU preparatory action on culture in external relations in 2012-2013 leading to the adoption of the 2016 EU strategic approach towards international cultural relations. Damien is also co-founder and board chairman of culture Solutions, a social innovation group and think tank specialised in EU international cultural relations, gathering a dozen of collaborators, a number of which are College of Europe’s alumni.

Damien Helly holds a PhD in political science from Sciences Po, Paris. His publications are available on his LinkedIn webpage.