Elene Panchulidze (GE) is Academic Assistant at the College of Europe in Bruges, Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, since August 2020. She is also Affiliated Policy Analyst at the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP).

Elene holds Masters’ degrees in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe, Bruges (Manuel Marín Promotion, 2019), and in Diplomacy and International Politics from Tbilisi State University (2014-2016). In the framework of the latter she spent an exchange semester at the University of Tartu (2015), focusing on European Union-Russia relations.

Before joining the College as an Assistant, Elene served as Political Officer in the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia (2019-2020). She has also been an External Consultant at the PMC Research Center (2019-2020) and an Executive Assistant to the Head of Mission of the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission to Georgia (2017). Besides, she worked as independent consultant on various international projects. She held the positions of Policy Analyst (2017-2020), Research Coordinator (2018-2019) and Subgrant Coordinator (2018) in projects implemented by the Georgian Institute of Politics. Elene has worked extensively on issues concerning Georgia’s European integration, the implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement/DCFTA, civil society empowerment and democratization.

Fields of interest: Eastern Partnership, democracy promotion, development and cooperation, peace mediation and protracted conflicts.

Recent publications:

R. Youngs & E. Panchulidze, ‘Global Democracy and Covid-19: Upgrading International Support’, European Endowment for Democracy, Brussels, 14 July 2020.

E. Panchulidze, ‘Limits of Co-mediation: The EU’s Effectiveness in the Geneva International Discussions’, EU Diplomacy Papers, 3/2020, Bruges, March 2020.

M. Tsitsikashvili & E. Panchulidze, ‘Georgia's Protests: The Birth of a New Form of Civil Society’, in R. Youngs (eds.), ‘New Directions for EU Civil Society Support: Lessons From Turkey, the Western Balkans, and Eastern Europe’, Carnegie Europe, Brussels, 18 February 2020.

L. Kakhishvili & E. Panchulidze, ‘Democratization and Europeanization in Georgia: How to lead the process?’, Georgian Institute of Politics, GIP Blogs, 27 September 2018.

B. Lebanidze & E. Panchulidze, ‘Avoiding Gridlock: a Strategy for Georgia to Engage with Eurosceptic Europe’, Georgian Institute of Politics, Policy Paper, March 2018.

E. Panchulidze, ‘Future of DCFTA: Georgia's Prospects for Deeper Integration in European Single Market’, 3DCFTAs, Brussels, December 2017.

E. Panchulidze, ‘Russian Soft Power: Balancing the Propaganda Threats and Challenges’, Georgian Institute of Politics, Research Paper #5, June 2017.

G. Vardishvili & E. Panchulidze, ‘Visa Liberalization for Georgia: What’s Next?’, Georgian Institute of Politics, Policy Brief #5, April 2017.

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