Emile Badarin – PhD Middle East Politics, MSc International Relations, MSc Political Science, MSc Urban Planning and Architecture 

I am a research fellow in the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair (ENP) at the College of Europe, Natolin Campus (2020–present), postdoctoral research fellow at the ENP Chair (2018-2020). My research focuses on international politics and foreign policy with the Middle East and the EU as areas of studies. My research interests include international relations, Middle East politics, the Question of Palestine, settler-colonialism, recognition of states and critical theory. 

Currently, I am conducting two research projects. The first is a critical investigation of the concept of resilience and resilience resilience-building as a foreign policy practice. The second project focuses on international politics of recognition and how this affects the international order. The course engages students with the various dimensions of state recognition from theoretical, historical, legal and political perspectives, which are further discussed in relation to specific empirical cases. 

As a teacher, I aspire to raise students’ confidence to think critically about international politics and foreign policy in particular. I teach a compact seminar: The EU, its Neighbourhood and the Politics of Recognition. 

For Master Thesis supervision, I welcome topics related to the area of research: EU-Middle East, Middle East Politics, Israel-Jordan-Palestine, Resilience, and State Recognition. 


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