Emile Badarin – PhD Middle East Politics, MSc International Relations, MSc Political Science, MSc Urban Planning and Architecture 

I am a research fellow at the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair (ENP) at the College of Europe, Natolin Campus (2020–present), postdoctoral research fellow at the ENP Chair (2018-2020).

My research and teaching interests and activities focus on a wide range, but interrelated issues that span international relations, the Middle East and North Africa politics and economy, the Question of Palestine, post/colonialism, decoloniality, politics and struggles of recognition and colonial architecture and spatial management. My research is regularly published in peer-reviewed books, book chapters and international journals such as Third World Quarterly, Foreign Policy Analysis, European Security, Mediterranean Politics, Settler Colonial Studies, and British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, among others. I also contribute to public debate and publish my opinions in media outlets such as the London-based Middle East Eye.

Currently, I am writing a book on the coloniality of recognition. My theoretical focus interrogates the linkages between the politics of recognition and Euro-modernity/coloniality and how recognition has been employed in settler-colonial settings.

I teach a post-graduate course in the second semester: Formal and Informal Colonialism and the EU’s “Neighbourhood”: Power, Knowledge, Transformation. The course examines colonial tenets and practices and how they have been applied. It helps the students obtain a critical understanding of the continued effects of the spectre of colonialism on present-day economic, geopolitical and social realities in the so-called European Union’s “neighbourhood” and beyond.

For masters thesis supervision, I welcome proposals related to my area of research on topics that deal with EUrope-Middle East relations, Middle East politics and economics, Israel-Jordan-Palestine, colonialism and coloniality, resilience and politics of recognition.

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