Since July 2014 Research Director (previously 2010-2014 Associate Director), European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), King‘s College London; since 2008 Senior Associate, Centre for European Security Strategies (CESS) GmbH, Munich, Germany; 2010-2015 (Non-Resident) Senior Fellow, Energy and Climate Programme, U.S. Atlantic Council, Washington D.C., U.S.A.; Consultancy work for German and other European as well as non-European governments, interna­tional organisations (NATO, EU, OSCE, (energy) industry and consultancy companies (GLG,, GIS-Con­sultancy, APCO; regular presenter at official NATO-conferences and contract author for the Geopolitical Infor­ma­tion Service (GIS); 2003-2007 Co-Chair, European Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (CSCAP-Europe); 1995-1996 Research Fellow, research institute of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Tokyo, Japan; 1991-1994 Research Fellow, Federal Institute for East European and International Studies (BIOst), Cologne, Germany; 1992-2003 Research Assistant, then Consultant, office of the Special Advisor for Central and East European Affairs, NATO-Secretary-General, Brussels; research stays in Washington D.C., Fort Leavenworth, Santa Monica (U.S.A.) and Moscow (Russia).

Study of Political Science, East European History and European/ International Law, Universities of Marburg and Bonn;

Master Degree in 1990 and Ph.D. (Dr.phil.) in 1996 (University of Bonn, Germany).

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