Jasna Jelisić (HR) is Head of the Western Balkans Task Force in the Strategic Communication Division of the European External Action Service in Brussels. Working for the EU since 2006, she has had a wide range of responsibilities dealing with numerous complex issues related to the implementation of EU policies in the Western Balkans. During 2015/16, she also contributed to the development of the EU’s Global Strategy, arguing for the positioning of public diplomacy as one of the key pillars of EU external action.

Jasna Jelisić's academic work is wide-ranging. She lectures regularly on public and cultural diplomacy at graduate and postgraduate level and trains professional diplomats. She also practiced public and cultural diplomacy, successfully initiating many stakeholder engagements. In 2012 she published ‘Public Diplomacy: Towards a European Voice in Global Dialogue’ which has been widely used as a recommended textbook for students of diplomacy and international affairs and as a ‘manual’ for professional diplomats. She is known in diplomatic circles for her dedication to policies and actions benefiting freedom of expression and media, innovative strategies and a fresh approach in pursuit of resourceful diplomacy that primarily focuses on non-state actors.

Before involving herself in diplomacy, Jasna Jelisić was a prominent, award-winning journalist. She has also worked as a consultant and researcher for the European Commission, The World Bank, Freedom House and Princeton University.

Jasna Jelisić holds a PhD in political science from the University of Sarajevo, a postgraduate diploma in diplomatic studies from Oxford University, an MA in International Relations from the City University of New York and a BA in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Belgrade.