José-Antonio GARCIA

José Antonio García Chamizo (ES) is visiting language professor for Spanish at the College of Europe. He holds an undergraduate degree in the Philology of Hispanic Languages from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. He began his professional career in Barcelona, then taught in Italy.  From 2005 to 2015 has been the coordinator of the Spanish department of Formation et Recherche Marie Haps in Brussels. He has been also an associate professor at the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels, where he specialised in courses on Spanish culture: society, politics, literature and especially cinema. Each year, José Antonio García has taught introductory courses on the history of Spanish cinema and presented a film forum. From 2004 to 2018 he has been a Spanish professor at the European Commission, with which he still cooperates, notably drafting programme specifications, level tests and Spanish exams. He is also active in professor training for non-native Spanish teachers. He currently works at the Instituto Cervantes in Rome and is a visiting professor at the Università LUISS in Rome. His main fields of interest and areas of specialisation are the creation and analysis of teaching materials and study of the linkages between Spanish culture and learning process.