Lewis REED

Lewis Reed is an Academic Assistant at the College of Europe, Bruges, in the European Legal Studies Department since September 2021.  Lewis studied Law (LL.B.) at Durham University (College of St Hild and St Bede), where he graduated top of his year, with the best overall degree classification.  He also holds an LL.M in EU Law from the College of Europe (2019-20 Hannah ARENDT Promotion).  Before joining the College as an Academic Assistant, Lewis was previously employed as a Legal Consultant practising European competition law at a major international law firm in Brussels (2020-2021). His prior working experience includes several internships in various sectors of national and European law, within law firms and barristers’ chambers as well as marshalling with judges.

Main fields of interest: Competition law and digital markets, constitutional law, primacy and competing sovereignty claims, legal philosophy/jurisprudence, judicial review, freedom of expression.


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  • L. REED, “‘Taking Jokes Seriously’: Establishing A Normative Place For Satire Within The Freedom Of Expression Analysis Of The European Court Of Human Rights”, UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 2022 (forthcoming).
  • L. REED, “Op-Ed: Drawing on Context: Assessing Political Cartoons Following Patrício Monteiro Telo De Abreu v Portugal”, EU Law Live, 2022.
  • L. REED, “Op-Ed: The Long and Winding Road (to Sensible Limits on Free Speech): Rethinking the European Court’s Approach to Speech Criticising Religion After Rabczewska v Poland”, EU Law Live, 2022.
  • L. REED, “‘Anarchy in the UK’: To what extent does the Miller litigation relating to Article 50 TEU and the UK approach to integration demonstrate the incompatibility of creating an ‘ever closer Union’ with the Article 4(2) TEU requirement to respect the ‘national identity’ of Member States?”, College of Europe Law Research Series, 2022, n°2.
  • L. REED, “Op-ed: Back to Basics: The EU Legal Order, Legal Reasoning and the Application of EU Competition Law Rules in light of AG Kokott’s Opinion in Towercast”, EU Law Live, 2022.

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