Dr. Michal Natorski is an Assistant Professor at the Maastricht University (Maastricht Graduate School of Governance/UNU-MERIT) and associate member of the research group Observatory of European Foreign Policy at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. Prior to coming to the Maastricht University he was Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of Liege (2015-2016), Senior Research Fellow at the ENP Chair of the College of Europe (Natolin campus) (2012-2014), and an Associate Lecturer and Research Fellow in International Relations at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2006-2012). He was also a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economic and Political Science, the Aberystwyth University, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and Freie Universitäit Berlin. He received his PhD and MSc (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados) in International Relations and European Integration from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and his MA in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw.

His research focuses on foreign policy of the European Union, and in particular the Eastern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy, financial instruments of EU external action and Europeanization of national foreign policies. His articles have appeared in Journal of Common Market Studies, European Journal of International Relations, Journal of European Public Policy, Cooperation and Conflict, East European Politics, Journal of Politics and Language, Journal of Contemporary European Research, European Political Economy Review, and Journal of Constitutional Law in Eastern and Central Europe. He also co-edited with E. Korosteleva and L. Simao a book EU Policies in the Eastern Neighbourhood. The Practices Perspective (Routledge, 2014). He also authored numerous book chapters about different aspects of the EU foreign policy. His latest selected publications are:

  • (2017) “Trust and decision-making in times of crisis: the EU’s response to the events in Ukraine”, Journal of Common Market Studies, 55(1) (with Karolina POMORSKA).
  • (2016) “Epistemic (un)certainty in times of crisis: the role of coherence as a social convention in European Neighbourhood Policy after Arab Spring”, European Journal of International Relations, 22(3): 646-670.
  • (2015) “Contending metaphors of the European Union as a global actor: Norms and power in the European discourse on multilateralism”, Journal of Language and Politics, 2015, 14(1): 18-40. (with Esther BARBÉ, Anna HERRANZ-SURRALLÉS).
  • (2014) "Model, player or instrument for global governance: metaphors in the discourse and practice of EU foreign policy", in: Caterina CARTA and Jean-Frédéric MORIN (eds.), Making Sense of Diversity: EU Foreign Policy through the Lens of Discourse Analysis, Farnham, Ashgate, 2014 (co-authored with Esther BARBÉ, Anna HERRANZ-SURRALLÉS).
  • (2014) EU Policies in the Eastern Neighbourhood: The practices approach, London, Routledge, 2014 (co-edited with Elena A. KOROSTELEVA and Licínia SIMÃO).
  • (2014) "Relaciones de la Unión Europea con los vecinos", in: Esther BARBÉ (ed.), Unión Europea en las Relaciones Internacionales, Madrid, Tecnos, 2014 (co-authored with Eduard Soler i Lecha).