Dr Peter van Ham is Senior Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations “Clingendael” in The Hague (The Netherlands). He is a visiting professor at the College of Europe (Bruges) since 2000.

He holds a doctorate in Political Science (International Relations) from the University of Leiden (1991). He was a professor of West European Politics at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1996-2001); a senior research fellow at the WEU Institute for Security Studies in Paris (1993-6); and a visiting scholar at Columbia University (New York), the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London), and the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI).

He is a member of the editorial boards of Security Dialogue (Sage) and Place Branding and Public Diplomacy (Palgrave).

His books include: Social Power in International Politics (Routledge, 2010); Global Non-Proliferation and Counter-terrorism (Brookings, 2007), Mapping European Security After Kosovo (Manchester University Press, 2002); European Integration and the Postmodern Condition (Routledge, 2001), A Critical Approach to European Security (Pinter, 1999), and The EC, Eastern Europe and European Unity (Pinter, 1993). He published in The National Interest, Foreign Affairs, The Washington Quarterly, Security Dialogue, International Politics, NATO Review, Millennium and other academic journals.