Deputy Chairman, Competition and Markets Authority
Board member, Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities
Founder and Editor, European Competition Journal, Oxford

Recent publications

  • "The Emperor's Clothes Laid Bare: Commitments Creating the Appearance of Law, While Denying Access to Law", CPI Antitrust Chronicle October 2013 (1)
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  • "Competition Law and Policy in Egypt"' (OECD: Paris, 2011)
  • Models of Enforcement in Europe for Relations in the Food Supply Chain (with J. Stefanelli)
  • External Review of IDRC Pre-ICN Forums on Competition and Development, 2006-2011 (with R. Wilson-Grau)
  • Online Search: "Antitrust" Competition Law Insight 26 July 2011, p. 17
  • 'Acta Non Verba: Keep 'Talking Shop', Don't Become Another Talking Shop', essay in The International Competition Network at Ten, ed. P. Lugard (Cambridge: Intersentia, 2011)
  • Guidance on abuse in Europe: The continued concern for rivalry and a competitive structure, Antitrust Bulletin 55/4 (2010) 707 (with L. Gormsen)
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