Pierre-Yves MONETTE

Even though this profile continues to exist, this person is no longer working at the College of Europe. For more information please contact webmaster [at] coleurope.eu.

Pierre-Yves MONETTE (° 1960) is Expert in international mediation for the United Nations, and teaches International mediation and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) at the College of Europe since 2002. He has been the 1st Federal Mediator of Belgium and is Attorney (on leave) at the Brussels Bar.

Honorary Counselor to Kings Baudouin I and Albert II (Belgium), he is a privileged observer of the political and institutional situation in Belgium, regularly asked by the media.

He publishes regularly on good governance and is also author of several essays: on the European integration (The United States of Europe ,1993, Nauwelaert & Bruylant Co-Ed., and Europe, state of emergency ,1999, Desclée Ed; and on his country (The King’s job, 2001, Alice Ed/2002 in Dutch, Van Halewyck Ed., and Belgium, where are you heading to?, 2007,Mardaga Ed.).