22 avr 2021

"EU-India Relations": Webinar and Book Launch with Prof. Pascaline WINAND

A partir de 12:00 till 17:15

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus
ul. Nowoursynowska 84
PL-02/797 Warszawa

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

Professor Pascaline WINAND, Director of Studies in the European Interdisciplinary Studies Department, has recently published a chapter in the new book titled EU-India Relations – The Strategic Partnership in the Light of the European Union Global Strategy. On Thursday, 22 April 2021, a webinar was held to launch the book.

About the book

EU-India Relations – The Strategic Partnership in the Light of the European Union Global Strategy scrutinises the status quo and the future potential of revitalised EU-India relations. By exploring and analysing conceptual approaches to and key dimensions of the strategic partnership, including trade, climate policy and development cooperation, it evaluates the prospects for future cooperation. Lastly, it offers policy recommendations for advancing the partnership be-tween India and the EU. 

About the webinar

Narendra MODI and 27 EU Heads of State and Government as well as the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission will meet in May in Portugal for the next EU-India summit. This upcoming new attempt to deepen the Strategic Partnership represents an excellent occasion to launch the new book "EU-India Relations": Experts from India and Europe came together on 22 April 2021 and took stock of the partnership before the Porto summit. Is the Strategic Partnership on track for a rejuvenation after years of stasis?

India and the European Union as the largest democracies in the world have the unique potential to jointly demonstrate that trusting cooperation and mutual understanding are both indispensable and fruitful – all the more so in the context of increasing national egoism and disregard for the fundamental principles of multilateralism. However, for many years, the Strategic Partnership has underperformed. Resounding success in forging closer bilateral ties and promoting an inclusive, rules-based global order has proved elusive. Two weeks before the EU-India summit in Porto, we took stock of the partnership: Have the partners been able to maintain the spirit of cautious optimism of last year’s virtual summit? Will the 2021 summit finally break the deadlock and set in motion the unfolding of the Strategic Partner-ship’s full potential? In short: Is EU-India cooperation "back on track"?

In this online event, the editors and contributors to the new book "EU-India Relations – The Strategic Partnership in the Light of the European Union Global Strategy" discussed the state of EU-India relations in 2021. H.E. Mr Ugo ASTUTO, the Ambassador of the European Union to India, delivered a short keynote. Furthermore, three short talks cast spotlights on the state of the partnership in three policy fields: climate policy, trade, and multilateralism.

The detailed programme of the webinar and more information about the book can be found here.

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