Managing Migration in Europe: Challenge and Response


Lundi 23.09.19 - Mercredi 25.09.19


Paul Henri Spaak building
Dijver 11
8000 Bruges

Taking stock of the tools, best practices and challenges in the field of migration and asylum in Europe

In the coming years, the European Union (institutions, Member States, national parliaments, EU agencies, regions, etc.) should mobilise its resources and have its legislative, diplomatic, financial, security and humanitarian instruments drive a global strategy.

To this end, for those working, researching or purely interested in this important policy it is critical to review, extend and update the knowledge and understanding of the instruments, best practices and tools on the current European migration and asylum policy.

The programme, therefore, included an overview of the main legal instruments for migration management at EU level, as well as its main actors. The course took place from 23 to 25 September 2019.

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Managing Migration in Europe (23-25 September 2019)

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