03 nov 2004

Official opening of the academic year at the Natolin (Warsaw) campus

Josep Borrell, "A new Europe in a new World"

Josep Borrell, President of the European Parliament, was the guest of honour at the offi cial opening of the academic year at the Natolin campus on November 3, 2004.

The 123 students from 34 countries that make up the 13th promotion in Natolin listened to a speech entitled “New Europe in a New World”. As Mr Borrell came immediately after the discussions between the European Parliament, the Commission and national governments, part of his speech focussed on the need to strengthen democracy at the European level through the Parliament.

In addition, he criticized the nature of transatlantic links during the Bush administration and called for the rebuilding of transatlantic relations regardless of the victor of the US election (at that time still uncertain).

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