Pulse of Europe


Dimanche 03.12.17
14:00 - 15:00


8000 Brugge

The second Pulse of Europe takes place in Bruges – this time with the support of the EUROPEAN CHOIR of the College of Europe! 

Come and join us to voice your support for Europe! And since this first Sunday of December is not only Pulse of Europe day, but also first advent, enjoy some Christmas music from the choir of the College of Europe.

Pulse of Europe was founded in 2016 in order to publicly express support for the European Union and to counter the rise of populist parties and movements. This is why every first Sunday of the month, citizens in over 120 European cities demonstrate for a united Europe that we need today more than ever. At each meeting, speakers from the audience come up to the open microphone to share their views on Europe, why it is important to them and which vision they have for it. 

Pulse of Europe aims at bringing together all different kinds of people; no specific political affiliation is needed. You do not have to approve of everything that the European Union is doing. As long as you want to show your general support of the European idea, we are looking forward to welcoming you on Sunday!