14 juil 2016

Second workshop MEDRESET Project (Horizon 2020)

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus
ul. Nowoursynowska 84
PL-02/797 Warszawa

Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

The MEDRESET Project, which is supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme, held its second workshop at the Natolin (Warsaw) campus of the College of Europe on 13-14 July 2016.

The workshop focused on the conceptual and methodological considerations of EU framing practices of the Mediterranean (WP1) and on the conceptual and methodological challenges of geopolitical framing of the Mediterranean of non-EU actors (WP2). At the workshop, the College of Europe’s ENP Chair – as the leader of the project’s Work Package 1 – presented its Conceptual and Methodological Background Paper providing guidelines for the MEDRESET partner institutions to follow in their research.  You can find the programme here.

MEDRESET is a consortium of research and academic institutions focusing on different disciplines from the Mediterranean region to develop alternative visions for a new Mediterranean partnership and corresponding EU policies. It aims at designing an inclusive, flexible, and responsive future role for the EU in the region, based on the multiple perspectives of local and bottom-up actors.

MEDRESET is a project mainly funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation with a total budget of 2,497 million euros. It will run for three years, starting in April 2016. More information on MEDRESET can be found here.



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