The mission of the College of Europe is to contribute to the construction of the European Project and to enhance good relations between the European Union and its major international partners. 

The College, through its Executive Education, Training & Projects Office, aims at putting at the disposal of EU and international funding agencies and donors its solid expertise on the EU and its policies. Through the implementation of service contracts, academic cooperation and research projects, the College has built a solid reputation for its reliability, excellence and efficiency in providing consultancy services. 

The College leads consortia, and enters into partnerships for the implementation of projects within its core sectors of expertise, which include training and capacity building, European diplomacy, EU governance and EU policies. 

We operate in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch. We are are able to respond to requests for services in other languages too. 

El-Hiwar EU funded project - Training on the functioning and priorities of the League of Arab States
Cairo, February 2017




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EU Diplomacy Paper 3/2024

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies has published a new EU Diplomacy Paper entitled "The ‘Graveyard of Umpires’? The Hard-Learned Lessons that Afghanistan Taught EU...