2017: A year full of training opportunities

For the second year in a row the College of Europe Development Office will be organising 12 courses in the framework of its Executive Education.

While the students get ready to leave the College in June, the Executive Education begins with a course on Monitoring and Evaluation applied to EU funded projects. This will give the floor to the flagship professional training course of the College of Europe, running yearly since 1994: the Intensive Seminar on the EU. This course offers three different programmes: Classic, for those who need a comprehensive review of the EU institutional framework and its policies; Advanced, for those who need an analysis of the internal and external policies of the EU; and Compact, focussed for the first time this year on the European Commission priorities.

In parallel, three more courses will be running during the summer: Energy Union, EU Transport & Railways Affairs (ETCR) and EU Competition Law. Regarding the latter, participants can choose whether to attend the course in its entirety, which includes a module on IT Markets and Competition matters, or to attend one or the other independently.

After this summer full of training, a very similar autumn will follow: Towards EU Migration Management in September, EU Fact Finding, EU Diplomacy & Diplomatic Skills, EU Economic Governance and Trade Policy in October and two skill-oriented courses in November: Negotiations in Practice and EU Project Management.

An Early Bird discount is offered for participants registering by 31 March 2017 for the summer courses and by 31 July 2017 for the autumn courses.
We look forward to training you!


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