Available now: last newsletter issue of the year of the College of Europe Development Office!

The College of Europe Development Office is glad to present to you the last newsletter issue of the year. Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg MONAR, Rector of the College of Europe, analyses the last decade of the Development Office's training and project activities, and their contribution to the College’s mission.

Furthermore, the executive education offer for 2020 is fully available. With 13 courses and three editions of the course on EU Project Management, we look forward to continuing our contribution to the career development of professionals coming from the public and the private sector.

A selection of news items will provide you with the latest updated information about our projects and courses, from our contribution to the Croatian Presidency to diplomatic and executive courses in Brazil, and further activities implemented within the framework of the EU projects "El-Hiwar — Training and Information Course on Euro-Arab Relations" and "ERMES III -  European Resources for Mediation Support".

Last but not least, we are deeply satisfied with launching our corporate leaflet, where you will be able to find an overview of our projects implemented around the world, our training methodology and our areas of expertise, among other key information.

We wish you a fruitful reading!

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