Bruges-Natolin UK European scholarships fund / College of Europe alumni London reception

Started 5 years ago in memory of the late Sir Roy DENMAN, the Bruges-Natolin UK European Scholarships Fund celebrated with a reception on 28 January 2016 at Europe House, the offices of the Commission and the European Parliament in London.  More than 80 donors, former Brunat and civil service scholars, College of Europe alumni based in the UK and other well-wishers attended. 

Hotfoot from his Sheffield constituency, former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick CLEGG (Mozart Promotion, 1991/92) started his short address with a practical example of the benefits of College alumni being in contact with one another. He spoke of the achievements of the College and the great impact which it had on his life. He hoped that the time would come when the existence of the College would be an important factor in a new Government drive to increase UK influence on the European scene; a good number of UK scholarships would therefore be essential.

The Chairman of the Trustees, Dame Helen WALLACE (Comenius Promotioin, 1967/68) introduced three former BRUNAT Scholars (of the six now in London), all of whom attested to the value of their year at the College: 

  • Ms Emily MURRELL (Sklodowska-Curie Promotion, 2011/12), now working in a 40-strong European unit in the Cabinet Office—eight of whom are alumni;  
  • Ms Zara REID (Falcone-Borsellino Promotion, 2014/15, the first George and Grace Thompson-Brunat Scholar), currently at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on a traineeship;
  • Mr Oliver HODGSON (Vaclav Havel Promotion, 2012/13), now with a major law firm.

Dame Helen WALLACE thanked the speakers and paid tribute to the small number of people who had worked intensively to bring the Fund to its present level. She expressed the hope that the number of donors would increase and allow a higher number of scholarships to be awarded.

For more information regarding contributions: Bruges-Natolin UK-European Scholarships Fund