College of Europe students on a study trip to Japan as part of the MIRAI programme

From 15 to 22 December 2015, the government of Japan invited 150 graduate/undergraduate students from Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, including 10 students from the College of Europe, for the MIRAI Program

During their stay in Japan, the students visited and met various people working in high-tech and traditional industries, leading companies, scientific and cultural sites, and governmental institutions. Students also visited a prestigious University in Tokyo, receiving lectures from eminent professors on Japanese politics, economy, society, history, culture and/or diplomatic policy, and follow-on discussions with Japanese students.

Mr Thomas ADAM, Mr David-Jan BOSSCHAERT, Mr Jordan HILL, Ms Elena MORENO, Mr Jonas ROLEDER, Ms Eva SALI and Ms Zrna PAVLICEVIC represented the Bruges campus.  Read about their experience.

Three students of the Natolin (Warsaw) campus participated in the study trip: Mr Chris POWERS, Ms Kateryna KULYNA and Mr Jordi TORRES ROSELLÓ.

Mr POWERS wrote an interesting blog article about his experience and his impressions of the trip. The article along with some photos of the Japanese adventure are available on the Natolin Blog.