COVID-19 / Message from the Rector of the College of Europe

Dear Colleagues, Students and other Friends of the College,

Firmly committed to fulfill its European higher education mission even in the current challenging circumstances, the College of Europe has over the last five weeks taken a host of measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: while putting into place all necessary health and safety measures to protect staff and students, we have secured a transition—unprecedented in the history of our institution—to online interactive teaching and the remote organisation of the upcoming exams, assured the continuing operation of our residence and catering services and kept the selection of our incoming students for the academic year 2020/21 and the continuation of our executive training on track.

With all members of our community, including our visiting professors, having done so much to keep our ship afloat and well on course in this crisis situation, I do not wish to single out here specific action taken only by some departments or services. I rather invite you to check regularly our website and social media channels to acquaint yourselves with some of the larger and smaller actions taken by both staff and students of Bruges and Natolin showing the resilience and solidarity of our College community.

With my warmest thanks for your support and special efforts, 

and all good wishes,

Rector of the College of Europe