Debates on Current Economic Issues

Two series of debates on 'Current Economic Issues' were organized by the Department of European Economic Studies in the course of this academic year.

In the first semester, two informal and lively discussions for all students of the College of Europe took place on the following subjects: 

In the second semester, the Annual Debates Series Contest on Current Economic Issues took place for students of the Department of European Economic Studies who follow the general European economics programme. All other College of Europe students could attend the debates as part of the audience.


These were the topics:

  • The Eurozone should have its own budget;
  • The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will harm the EU;
  • Deeper integration in the Eurozone will lead to disintegration of the European Union;
  • Deregulation will not make the EU economy globally more competitive.

For more information we refer to the general event page.

After the final debate, the names of the debate winners were announced: 

JAKOBS Katja  (BE)

Congratulations to the winning team!