The Development Office is proud to announce its collaboration with InnoEnergy and EDF

For the second edition of our Executive Education course on the Energy Union, the College of Europe Development Office is working in partnership with InnoEnergy and EDF.

These partnerships bring added value to the course by offering an opportunity for innovation, private sector and policy to meet. As explained by one of our trainers:

“InnoEnergy is at the forefront of energy innovation in Europe, working with the private sector, researchers, investors and start-ups. EDF is Europe’s second largest electric utility. The College of Europe is the institution that trains the top EU policy makers. This cooperation is thus key to ensure that these worlds understand and learn from one-another. Innovators and businesses need to better understand EU policy-making to see what opportunities it offers them. Policy makers need to work with innovators and businesses to realize that the energy transition is already happening, and that it is a golden opportunity to make the world a better place.”
Thomas PELLERIN-CARLIN, Research Fellow Energy Policies, Jacques Delors Institute

This comprehensive course helps participants develop a greater knowledge of European energy policy and improve their understanding of the ways the EU can navigate the energy transition.

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