Dr Sebastian STEINGASS wrote a blog post on his recent book publication

Dr Sebastian STEINGASS, Senior Academic Assistant in the European Interdisciplinary Studies Department at the College of Europe in Natolin, published a blog post with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). ECPR is the leading scholarly society for political scientists in Europe. The ECPR blog, The Loop, launched in autumn 2020, publishes short pieces on politics, policy, and societal and political issues, showcasing the work of the political science discipline at its best.

In the blog post, Dr STEINGASS’ highlights one aspect rolled out in his recent book publication on EU development policy, which is currently undergoing important changes. To tackle the adverse global impact of COVID-19, the EU was quick to announce the concerted action and combined resources of EU institutions and member states. It suggests that concerted assistance in the face of global challenges remains lacking despite frequent calls for improvement. In the blog post, Dr STEINGASS argues that, instead of the Commission being in the driving seat, a transnational network of member state experts plays a hidden yet crucial role in initiatives for collective action in EU development cooperation.

The blog post is available here.