Extraordinary Groeninghe Art Collection at College of Europe

One year after the official inauguration of our Verversdijk Campus in 2007, an extensive series of contemporary artworks from the Groeninghe Art Collection, created by internationally known artists, moved to decorate the walls of the College of Europe in Bruges.  

The extraordinary and eye-catching pieces of art, which previously had been stored in a private residence, obtained a place in the modern hallways of Verversdijk Building B. To make these visible in a public place was at that time a win-win situation for both the prestigious artworks and the College of Europe.   
Since 2008 students, academic assistants, professors and visitors from all over the world can enjoy the ongoing exhibit in our College hallways on a daily basis, but there's more: the Groeninghe Art Collection will soon organise guided tours for the students, professors and members of staff to familiarise them with the exceptional works of art at Verversdijk. 

Additional interesting fact: the members of Groeninghe meet every two months in the College of Europe to enjoy their magnificent collection. During these particular meetings, possible buy options are discussed, lectures are held by artists, critics, museum directors and gallery owners and renowned collectors are invited.  

Want to know more about the outstanding Groeninghe Art Collection at our College of Europe? Then you definitely have to visit www.groeninghe.com in order to get a detailed and broader view and focus on over 30 years of collecting contemporary art.