The Indo-Pacific, the EU and Australia

On 30 September 2021, Dr David Dutton, Deputy Head of Mission of the Australian Embassy in Brussels, engaged in a talk with Professor Sieglinde GSTÖHL, Director of the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Department, on “The EU’s New Indo-Pacific Strategy – An Australian Perspective”. He addressed issues relating to the development of the Indo-Pacific as a concept, Australia’s evolving economic and security partnerships, foreign policy and climate change policy, and on how Australia sees the EU’s involvement in the region. In the lively Q&A session, Dr Dutton discussed a wide array of topics with the students, ranging from AUKUS and China, to ASEAN and Australia’s trade negotiations with the EU.

This event was organised by the Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies and was open to College of Europe students and staff only.

For more information, please contact Sabine DEKEYSER

Speech by Dr David DUTTON, Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy.30 September 2021