Launch of "tellUs": EU Environmental Policy Lab, in collaboration with DG ENV

In the upcoming year, the Department of European Political and Governance Studies will implement a joint project with the European Commission's DG Environment called "tellUs: EU Environmental Policy Lab", offering students a unique opportunity to participate in high-level policy making. Selected students will be able to interact with EU officials on the future proofing of environmental policy, in a common effort to advance the European agenda towards greater sustainability.

The aim of this project is for students to deliver reflection papers and strategic recommendations to high-level policy makers ahead of the European Parliament elections and the Commission’s new mandate in 2019.

The project is the result of the passion for environmental issues of two College alumni from different generations, Ms Joanna DRAKE (Deputy Director-General at DG ENV, De Rougemont promotion) and Ms Natacha TULLIS (Parliamentary Assistant at the EP, Falcone and Borsellino promotion). With the support of a strong team, they have brought about a partnership between the two institutions, involving students in a process of reflection on the future direction of EU environment policy as it advances towards the achievement of the 2030 UN Sustainability Goals. 

More info can be found here

Contact persons: thijs.vandenbussche [at] (Tijs VANDENBUSSCHE) andrachele.tesei [at] ( Rachele TESEI)