Meet our Bruges campus student teams 2020-2021

One of the key aspects of the vivid student life at the College of Europe Bruges campus: our very active student teams! Every academic year, the Student Affairs Office stimulates and facilitates students to create or join one or more student teams based on their interests and preferences. 

The dedicated teams organize all kinds of extra-curricular activities, for example movie nights, debates, quizzes, lectures, panel discussions and social, cultural and sporting activities. All together, those precious initiatives strongly contribute to the famous College community spirit. Taking into account the current COVID-19 situation, the student teams are very creative in developing worthy online alternatives.

The student teams of The Mário Soares Promotion 2020-2021 were inspired by their predecessors of previous promotions. Below you can find a couple of the very large variety of student teams. We will regularly highlight more of them.
Podcast Burst the Bubble: 

Yoga Team: 

EU-African Affairs Society:

PES Students Society:

#CoENNECT Digital Club