Professor Andrea RENDA gives a seminar on the One-In, One-Out rule

Professor Andrea RENDA, Google Chair holder at the College of Europe, gave a seminar open to all students last Friday 07 February 2020, on the rule One-In, One-Out. The new President of the European Commission, Ursula VON DER LEYEN, announced that the institution will apply the ‘One-In, One-Out’ principle: whenever a new regulation introduces costs for businesses and citizens, the Commission will have to offset the cost increase by modifying or eliminating existing regulation.

Professor Andrea RENDA presented the main conclusions from his recent report Feassibility Study: Introducing "One-In, One-Out" in the European Commission, published by the think-tank CEPS.

Some of the topics discussed in the seminar were:

  • The interaction between policy analysis and politics to implement good regulation;
  • Best practices in regulation and the better regulation agenda of the European Commission;
  • Cost-Benefit analysis in practice, advantages and limitations;
  • The policy cycle for implementing new regulation in the European Commission;
  • Types of One-In, X-Out rules;
  • Empirical analysis on regulatory burden and red tape.

For further details, please reach out to Fernando VILLAMÓN.