Rector MOGHERINI participates in panel discussion of America Europa Fund, KU Leuven (18/05)

On Tuesday, 18 May 2021, Rector MOGHERINI participated in a panel discussion on "New opportunities and challenges for the US and Europe in security and defense", jointly organized by the America Europa Fund (KU Leuven Center for Global Governance Studies) and the Foreign Ministry of Belgium.

On the backdrop of an increasingly challenging security environment, Europeans and Americans must renew their commitment to transatlantic security. This requires an update of their threat perceptions and an agreement on the appropriate way to address those threats. In the light of recent initiatives, this also raises the question of the EU’s role in security and defense, how those initiatives contribute to transatlantic security and how they should articulate with efforts underway within NATO. But foremost: how will the new US administration under President Biden react to the EU’s recent initiatives in what is in store for a EU-US dialogue on security and defense?


  • Federica MOGHERINI, Rector of the College of Europe and former High Representative of the EU for Foreign and Security Policy;
  • Jim TOWNSEND, Vice-President of the European Commission, for 8 years Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO at the Pentagon, currently Senior Fellow at the Washington based Center for a New America Security;
  • Nick WITNEY, Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council of Foreign Relations and the first Chief Executive of the European Defense Agency;
  • François ARBAULT, Deputy Director General at the newly created DG at the European Commission (DEFIS).

Moderated by Ambassador Bruno ANGELET, Director for Security Policy at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

View webinar here on YouTube