Second Plenary Session of the European Health Parliament (05/12)

On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, a group of ten students from the College of Europe took part in the second plenary session of the European Health Parliament in Brussels. In the morning, they had the opportunity to participate in a simulation game organised by Mr Pierpaolo SETTEMBRI, Assistant to the Director-General of DG MOVE in the European Commission (also Professor at the College of Europe) about the seasonal clock change in the European Union. During the afternoon, the participants had the chance to get involved in a roundtable discussion with Mr Šarunas NARBUTAS, President of Cancer Patient Coalition, Mr Michael STRÜBIN, Director Digital Health at Medtech Europe and Mr Tiemo WÖLKEN, MEP from Germany. Finally, the students had a chance to discuss with the other members of their respective committees (five committees in total) and to present to the whole audience the topic on which they will write their policy recommendations, to be presented on 2 April 2019.


In addition, on Thursday, 4 December, Professor CHANG gave a training on "How to write a policy brief" to the participants of the European Health Parliament. A total of 20 participants coming from various backgrounds (pharmacy, medicine, NGOs, students from the College of Europe, etc.) took part in the training organised in the offices of Johnson&Johnson in Brussels.