Successful execution of the project "Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood" at Natolin

From January 2018 to June 2020, the College of Europe in Natolin successfully implemented Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood, an EU funded project developing knowledge-based European journalism relating to Europe’s neighbours through educational activities.

The project’s aim was to organize on-line trainings for around 150 e-learners, and on-site workshops that would train approximately 150 journalists or media-related professionals in order to boost their skills and improve the overall quality of neighbourhood-related reporting.

This educational programme included the setting-up of a multifunctional educational IT platform and skills-based workshops at the College of Europe in Natolin, followed by study visits to Berlin and Tbilisi, a journalistic competition for the project workshops and study visits participants, an online webinar and the development of an after-project publication.

The following issues, among many others, were discussed during the trainings:

  • disinformation in the media
  • open-data and investigative journalism
  • multimedia journalism
  • value-based and conflict-sensitive reporting
  • monetisation
  • EU funding and financial sustainability

Furthermore, the above topics were integrated by modules about the functioning of the EU, in order to enhance knowledge of the EU among the e-learners.

By the end of the project, around 1,000 people were active on the e-learning platform, over 300 users completed the e-learning training and over 160 people (e-learners and experts from the ENP and EU) attended on-site training workshops at the College of Europe in Natolin as well as the study visits. The project was positively assessed and will be the basis for other journalism-related projects at Natolin in the future.